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Prepare for Labour

Group or Private 1:1 Workshops

1  day x 2.5 hours

How can your birth partner best support you in labour?

- Brief overview of birth & labour.

- Harnessing functional pain.

- Optimal positioning of baby.

- How to realistically navigate the maternity system.

- How to feel confident with your choices & personal risk assessment.

Natural labour & pain management Techniques including;

- Rebozo

- Counter pressure

- Breathing techniques

- Vocalisation

- Movement during labour etc. 

Image by Juan Encalada

Tailored Childbirth Education & Ongoing Support

Private 1:1 Childbirth Education tailored to your needs

2 days x 2 hour sessions

(4 hours of classes in person or via Zoom)

- How your body is working during labour, including the physiology of birth and how you can best support this.

- Connecting with your internal guidance system in pregnancy and learning how to trust this deep intuitive knowing. 

- How to navigate the maternity system or choose to birth independently at home.


30 min - 1 hour post class coaching call via phone or Zoom closer to your due date.


Doula Support - invite me to walk hand in hand with you as you navigate labour and birth.


- ongoing phone support

- in person  labour & birth support

- on-call 24/7 two weeks either side of your due date

- 1 hour post birth support

- 1 hour post natal home visit

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