Prepare for Labour

Group or Private 1:1 Workshops

1  day x 2.5 hours

How can your birth partner best support you in labour?

- Brief overview of birth & labour

- Harnessing functional pain

- Optimal positioning of baby

Natural labour & pain management Techniques including;

- Rebozo

- Counter pressure

- Breathing techniques

- Vocalisation

- Movement during labour etc. 

Image by Juan Encalada

Tailored Childbirth Education & Ongoing Support

Private 1:1 Childbirth Education tailored to your needs

2 days x 2 hour sessions

(4 hours of classes)

- How your body is working during labour

- Physiology of birth

- Optimal positioning of baby

- Stages of labour

- Labour positions

- Customised birth plan

- Induction of labour

- Consent in birth

- Choices within the Australian Maternity system & how to navigate risk

- Natural pain management techniques

- Birth & the Placenta

- The role of your support person

- What happens post birth?

- Establishing breastfeeding

 - At home with baby

- Newborn behaviours


30 min - 1 hour post class coaching call via phone or Zoom closer to your due date!


Doula Support and invite me to walk hand in hand with you as you navigate labour and birth.


- ongoing phone support

- in person  labour & birth support

- on-call 24/7 two weeks either side of your due date

- 1 hour post birth support

- 2 hour post natal home visit


The Mongan Method 

Group or Private 1:1 Program

Mongan Method coursework

12.5 hour program

- HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method book

- Rainbow Relaxation & HypnoBirthing® affirmations Mp3

- Course handouts

Refresher sessions available on request * 


Saturday Morning Relaxation

Group Relaxation Session

1 day x 40 minute

- Review of relaxation & breathing techniques

-  Take part in a guided pregnancy relaxation

- Techniques are transferrable to all forms of childbirth

Generally run prior to the Group Active Labour Workshop