Free initial consultation

3 x prenatal meetings

On call 38 - 42 weeks

Access to resources including birth plans, partner support techniques and birthing information to ensure you are educated about birth

Ongoing email & text communication

In person labour & birth support

1 - 2 hours immediate postpartum support

1 week postpartum visit at your convenience

Birth & Labour Support

5 x Personalised sessions following the Mongan Method Coursework

2.5 hours per session

HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method Book

Rainbow Relaxation & HypnoBirthing® Affirmations Mp3

Course Handouts

Combined HypnoBirthing® & Birth Doula packages available

The Mongan Method Tuition

Have you completed the HypnoBirthing® program in the past but need a review of the techniques and skills for your next birth? 

1 x 3 hour session reviewing the HypnoBirthing® coursework, primarily focusing on deepening your relaxation practice.

A great opportunity to debrief your previous birthing experience and answer any questions relating to the program.

The Mongan Method